Our Credentials

Unique to the autograph collecting hobby, the P.A.A.S. team of experts consists of several of the most respected documented professionals in the industry. The P.A.A.S. TEAM HAS EXPERT AUTOGRAPH AUTHENTICATORS IN ALL FIELDS OF INTEREST. These include letters, documents, manuscripts, photographs, and books signed by notable individuals in a wide variety of fields such as History, Literature, Music, Art Science, Aviation, Entertainment and Sports.

Michael Frost: President and head authenticator for Professional Autograph Authentication Services . President of Collectables of the Stars Inc. established in New York in 1982.One of America's earliest autograph store. Michael Frost was the first to have Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Willie Mays and Duke Snider for in-store signings. Michael Frost formed a very close friendship with Mickey Mantle, Muhammad Ali and many other superstars during the 1980's and 1990's. Michael Frost worked as a marketing agent and manager for many superstars in sports. He later partnered with Michael Wehrmann to offer the 1st true witnessed private signings and appearances in the entertainment industry. Working directly with Little Richard, Ronnie Spector, Carmen Electra, the cast of Diff'rent Strokes and many other stars of music and screen. Michael Frost is a co-founder and past President of the International Autograph Collectors Club & Dealer Alliance The IADA-CC. The first President of the Gold Coast Autograph Club, and recipient of the UACC Certificate of Appreciation Award (1991).

Michael Frost has been featured on The Maury Povich Show, Geraldo Rivera Show, Hard Copy, The Howard Stern Show, HBO, and Showtime. He has been featured on 100's of radio shows and has been quoted in numerous newspaper articles.. Michael Frost is one of the premier authenticators for the Topps Baseball Card Company.

Michael Frost has obtained over 45,000 autographs in person and has authenticated over 10,000 autographs. Michael is a true pioneer in the autograph hobby and autograph authentication industry. He has worked hand and hand with 100's of athletes and celebrities with private signings and personal appearances.

Michael Frost has over 35 years experience in the autograph industry and is one of the few universally respected authorities. He has worked with and authenticated for some of the biggest sports memorabilia companies and auction houses in the world. Michael has also worked endless hours directly with eBay's forgery and fraud department.

Michael Frost has taken numerous autograph and handwriting courses. He has been trained and passed government issued courses on Handwriting Analysis and graphology.He has also received training as a forensic analysis in signatures and handwriting. Michael Frost has been employed by The United States Government and has worked on many confidential assignments.

Richard Scott began collecting autographs during the early 1970's. Many of his autographs were obtained in person, including Casey Stengel, Jackie Robinson, and Thurman Munson. During 1983 Scott turned his hobby into a business when he joined Collectibles Unlimited, Inc., one of the first autograph stores in New York City. Richard worked closely with many celebrities and was one of the first to bring Muhammad Ali to an autograph signing. Mickey Mantle, Nolan Ryan as well as many of the New York Mets and New York Yankees worked closely with Richard. He has also taken all the professional autograph courses available in the industry. He was an early member of the Gold Coast Autograph Club, the UACC and the International Autograph Collectors Club & Dealers Alliance the IADA-CC. He was the club's vice-president in 2001 and is currently acting administrator and vice president.

The P.A.A.S. team also includes many professional autograph associates. Some of the names who are legendary in the trade include: Bobby Amato, Carlos Ledezma, Nelson Tallaferro, Roger Gilchrist, and Neale Lanigan. The team also includes our office staff of Judy Scott and Toni Amato.