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Combined, the team has written over 200 published educational articles and signature studies on the subject of collecting. We have created over a dozen educational autograph courses. Dealers and collectors worldwide have utilized these publications and courses.

Our autograph authentication service is recognized internationally by the most respected and knowledgeable autograph dealers and auction houses. Every Professional Autograph Authentication Service authenticator is a proud member of the IADA and adheres to the strictest code of ethics in the autograph industry.

P.A.A.S. Authenticates Autographed Material in all fields for collectors, dealers, government agencies, public and private institutions, and auction houses.

Autograph Authentication for *Music,* Aviation, *History, *Literature, *Entertainment and *Sports.*

Finally peace of mind that your signed items are deemed authentic. We issue our P.A.A.S. Certificate of Authenticity and your autographed item is ready to be sold, passed along to a family member or cherished forever.


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Michael Jackson

Mickey Mantle

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