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P.A.A.S. offers Collectors, Dealers and Auction Houses three different services.




If you wish to purchase any of our services on-line, please check our fees page.

* The Full numbered Certificate of Authenticity is hand signed with matching numbered hologram and company seal. The state of the art color certificate also has the authenticated image scanned onto the letter. Our hologram can be put on the front of the item, the rear of the item or on the Certificate of Authenticity upon request. The hologram is 100% archival and acid free.The price for this service is $40 for single signed items.

* The P.A.A.S Postcard Certificate of Authenticity is a full heavy stocked postcard. Your item will receive a numbered hologram with a full numbered Certificate of Authenticity postcard. This service was designed for auction houses and or high volume dealers. It is also a great service for less expensive signed items needing authentication. The retail value of items examined and authenticated with this service must be under $125. The minimum order for this service would be 12 signed items. The fee for 12 Postcard Certificates of Authentication with numbered hologram would be $14.00 each. The Fee for 13 - 24 Postcards is $12 each.


You may send P.A.A.S. a scan or auction item number to examine, Once we have completed our on-line examination you will receive an email back with the results of our examination. Our fee for this On-line service is $7.00.

Possible results are:

Likely to be genuine: Our authenticators believe that the item, if physically submitted to P.A.A.S. for examination, would likely receive our certificate of authenticity.

Not likely to be genuine: Our authenticators believe that the item, if physically submitted to P.A.A.S. for examination, would likely not receive our certificate of authenticity.

Unable to render an opinion: If our authenticators are unable to render an opinion, we will provide a refund to your account. With a detailed explanation of why we were unable to render an opinion.

*** PLEASE NOTE: The Only way to truly examine an autograph and assure the authenticity is by a physical examination of the signature and the item. This On-Line examination service is a professional opinion solely based upon a scan and The P.A.A.S. largest exemplar library in the world. ***

P.A.A.S.. Authenticates Autographed Material in all fields for Collectors, Dealers,Government Agencies, Public or Private institutions, and Auction Houses. The Professional Autograph Authentication Service team maintains what is called by many the largest autograph reference library in the world. Many scholars, librarians and auction houses utilize this library for their research. Autograph reference books dating from the 1830's and every conceivable book published on the subject are available to our researchers. P.A.A.S. owns the largest library of genuine exemplars in the world.

We Bring Trust Back to the Autograph Authenticating. Finally Enjoy Peace of Mind!

Please call P.A.A.S. for volume discounts on large Collections and/or Home, Office, and Store Visits.

We also offer a full P.A.A.S. Appraisal Letter. This letter can be used for insurance and estate purposes, an appraisal letter can be issued for $45 per item which states the authenticity, approximate market value of your item and the items current condition.

Please call or write for discounted volume rates for all of our services.

(954) 450-4283 or specialagent711@aol.com

Visit our Exemplar page (Illustrations) for items authenticated by P.A.A.S.